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Jim Hartvig Andersen
12-06-2000, 08:48 AM
"As a consultant for A. Walsteds Baadeværft A/S (http//:www.walsted.dk) we are presently assisting on putting together a bid for a 17.6*4.9 m
Paddle Steamer.

What we are looking for is someone able to design, build and deliver the complete propulsion system. The paddle wheels will be built here in Denmark, but we need:

Main engines
Auxillary engine
Piping and instruments

built and tested as a complete and functioning system.

I have complete specifications that I can email to those that are interested.

We have only had a short time to study the details (steam engines is a new ?irst?for us), but the numbers make sense from a basic engineering and thermodynamic point of view. We cannot get additional information from the designers of the vessel, but the system has apparently been specified by someone with good knowledge of steam

In case you are not interested we would appreciate your comments other potential suppliers.

Looking forward to your early reply.

Very Truly Yours,
Jim Hartvig Andersen

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