View Full Version : Dismantling a Saildrive

04-13-2008, 05:17 PM
"Hi there, I have a question regarding the saildrive on the boat I sail (Mumm 36). Engine is a Yanmar 2GM20C (I think, no idea about the saildrive).

When we removed the folding prop to replace the anode we were greeted with the following (see pic)


The bolt thread at the end of the splined shaft has been sheared (previous person didn't realise the nut and bolt had been pinned!! Anyway, it now needs a new splined shaft + assiciated nuts, bolts and pins.

We were going to remove this today however we have no manual or diagrams.
Can anyone tell me what to expect when I split the saildrive?
Is there a thrust bearing?
Is it full of oil or greased?
Will it come apart easily or does it need special tools?
If anyone has a drawing they can post it'd be really useful.


04-13-2008, 09:05 PM
"Chris, the drive is oil filled. you will need a service manual to properly repair it. I would not recommend attempting this job without one."