View Full Version : Voltage Sensitive Relay Vs Battery Isolator question

04-12-2008, 11:24 AM
I am in the planning stage of adding an extra battery to my pontoon. I was wondering what is the best (cost effective) way to set up 2 batteries? One would be my "starter" battery the other "house". Will the battery isolator allow me to charge both batteries? I have done some rearch on the VSR but the wiring schematic (by BEP) shows 3 seperate isolators 1 for the "starter battery" 1 for the "house battery" and a 3rd for "emergency start" plus the VSR. If I buy a VSR and 3 isolators can the same be accomplished with just the isolator(s)? I want to do this project right but my funds are not unlimited. I have no problem with manually switching over but I have heard that if you are not careful then the weakest battery could drain the other?