View Full Version : BW 1017004 Velvet Drive

03-24-2008, 08:19 PM
"86 Supra,, Velvet Drive 10-17-004 Tranny was fine when put in storage last fall,,now will not shift into reverse,,not slipping,,its not shifting,pulled out selector valve & cleaned,,still no reverse shift,,,fluid looks good,, not even trying to shift into reverse,,any ideas short of pulling tranny,,please help"

05-06-2008, 04:32 AM
"1980 Carver 2667 Santa Cruz. 351W PCM, Velvet Drive Trany, Walter V-Drive. Could any one tell me the proper lube for a Walter V-Drive.

Also, I suspect the cooling system may be "hosed"
Cooling system is all suction, not positive pressure. Suction thru the seacock, strainer, V-Drive, Tranny cooler, then to engine mounted seawater pump inlet. Discharge of pump "positive" to therostat housing, then out the exhaust manifolds. It seems to cool ok but it just seems backwards?
Seawater pump manufacturers all say the suction to the pump should be as close to, and directly off of the strainer and be "pushed" thru everything. I don't know if this was ever changed. I'm about the third owner.