View Full Version : Yamaha 40 fourstroke

Erling A. Johansen
01-13-2006, 07:16 PM
I was just about purchasing an Evinrude 40hp 4-stroke EFI (-00), when a Yamaha (-04) in the same cathegory appeared. The "Yammi" is not that heavy as the Evinrude, and they are both low on running-time.The Yamaha has no EFI, though.Are the old-fashioned fuel systems of Yamaha working well, or should i go for the Evinrude?Please help me out here!
Erling A.Johansen

01-16-2006, 01:13 PM

I would go with the Evinrude. It has been my experience that the Yamahas are more costly to maintain, and more difficult to buy parts for. We have box of Yamaha parts in the shop that have accumulated as a result of continually receiving the wrong parts for various jobs. We don't return them because we are confident that if we eventually do need these parts it would be impossible to order them since they are the result of errors in the system.

Another thing that bothers me about Yamahas is that they use anodes in the water jackets under the cylinder heads. They are obviously very concerned about electrolysis problems here, and from what I have seen they have good reason to be.