View Full Version : Identifying diesel engine problems

11-29-2007, 08:47 AM
"Chyrsler 3.6: Inboard Sterndrive Marine Engine 1998 - Serial No. LO 098460 (or 09846D)

I have been told that my marine diesel engine is a chrysler but I'm not sure. It has hydraulic tapits unlike all other mercruiser 3.6 diesel engines. I am trying to locate a workshop manual for this model. Can anyone confirm that it is a chrysler and if so where I may obtain a manual for it please? Other serial numbers shown are:

On turbo: Kund-NR 35242017A, Grosse K26, ATL-NR 97 8030490, AUSF-NR 5326 970 6493
On cyliner block: *0098*60363*"