View Full Version : Chris Craft 350Q Timing Marks

Bob Barber
05-22-2004, 12:10 AM
" I have a 1978 Chris Craft with Q model 350's. My book tells me to time the engines to 10 degrees. All I see on the Forward mounted Flywheel is an "R" with a Slight "dimple". I'm used to seeing degree marks on a harmonic balance. So with no degree marks, what do I do? I was told one flywheel should have the "R" and the other should have an "L". Is this true? Both of mine have "R"'s on them. Is the dimple my 10 degree mark or is it zero? Thanks for any help! I just rebuilt one of my engines and want to avoid destroying pistons like the previous owner did. Also, if that dimple is my mark, could something be wrong? I timede the port engine to the dimple and when I shut it off, it won't restart until I advance the timing. Thanks for any help!!!! "