View Full Version : Curious water flow in AQ 130 exhaust

Hans Dersch
05-18-2004, 10:41 PM
" I have a 1990 Success bowrider AQ 130 which I am salvaging after it sat for a year or two with spark plugs out, and carb covers off (in the rain)

After shooing away the mosquitoes and tadpoles that were living in the engine I got it fired up. Now, it had been described as having overheating problems before it was parked, and the bare rubber nub that was spinning in the raw water pump housing would account for some of this, but there is an odd flow to the raw water that I can't account for: it drains free and clear from the oil cooler, free and clear from the riser, but instead of leaving the boat through the lower unit as intended by God and Gothenberg, it trickles out under the exhaust bellows through a narrow slot with a rubber flap which slightly protrudes. This is just above the zinc piece at the bottom of the transom mount, and appears to be built for the purpose. What gives?

Hans "

BJs marine
05-19-2004, 08:36 AM
All is good! Concept is called idle relief. Think back pressure and depth of exaust outlet when boat is idleing at dock.

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