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Jim Roark
05-18-2004, 10:56 AM
I have a 1998 Regal Commodore 402 w/ twin 310 hp 454's. When we first got the boat we clocked it at about 32 mph top end (with a ski boat). Late the 1st summer we bent both prop shafts which we had fixed. The following summer we noticed that the boat seemed slower at WOT. I installed a new GPS and at WOT the GPS says the boat was only going about 20-21 knots. I contacted Regal and they informed me that the props on the boat are supposed to be 22x26. We recently had the boat out of the water and discovered that the props are actually 22x24. It seems to me that if it had the correct props then the RPMS would be less and the boat would be slower at WOT. It runs at about 3600 rpms right now and I seem to remember it ran at about 3800-4000 when we 1st got it. Is this a engine problem or a prop problem??? The engines seem to run fine but perhaps there are fuel/ignition issues that are causing the engines to develop less power??? It seems odd that both engines would be performing below par but I guess stranger things have happened. Any ideas??

05-20-2004, 09:38 AM
" Have the props removed and checked at a good propeller shop. They can match them and check and set the pitch as needed. You want WOT to be around 4000 rpms. Props are not always what they are stamped with as what I found out recently with one of my engines in a twin engine boat.
You probably made no changes to the ignition or fuel delivery so with both engines being the same, this sounds like a prop problem "

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