View Full Version : Quicksilver throttle control

05-09-2004, 10:55 AM
I have a quicksilver single throttle control that I took apart the shifter to replace my power trim switch. There is a set screw that I took out to get the lever off the control. Before removing it I put the control into netural and then pushed in the button on the side so it would stay in netural but I could move the lever as to reeve up the motor (if it were running) so I could remove the set screw. This is for a 87 mecrury 135hp ob. Once things were done and put back together I now can not get that button on the side to work. It seems like it is maybe spring loaded but it's not working. The motor will only turn over if the lever is in the netural position. When I push the button and then advance the level and try to turn over the motor it does not work. Is there a spring somewhere in the contols that should pop out that button? I can not find a schematic for this to try to figure it out.