View Full Version : Install instructions for twin Ford 302 V Drive into 1969 30b Sportcraft

Hank Lowrey
05-02-2004, 09:56 PM
" I have a 1969 30' sportcraft sportfisherman I want to put twin 302 fords with V drive, the beam is around 9' 6''. there was a 454 in it. can anyone give me the spects on how the twins should be installed? "

05-04-2004, 10:25 AM
Is it stringer requirements that you need? Sounds like you are turning a single engine boat into a twin engine boat. Is this correct?

Hank Lowrey
05-18-2004, 05:07 PM
" No this boat in the begining had twin engins I feel, a friend of mine has the same boat, but I think maybe different years, size and all that had twin Ford 302s with V-drive, the motors sat in backwards, I have all the propeller shafts props struts, rudders, and everything that he took out of his boat. My friend is getting up in years, and got a great deal on a pair of 200 horse ourboard Johnsons, and put them on the back of his. So he can run shallower water and not have to wait on the tide. My boat is a Sport Craft Sport Fisher, His is the Sport Fishermen. The hull is the same size, I just have more cabin space, and he has more Deck space. It is easy to see that some one took out the twins that were in this 1969 boat. If possible, I would like to see these motors in a boat, or at least get the specks on instaltion.I don't really think this boat came with a single engin, but I could be wrong, if I am, please set me straight.
Regards, Hank "